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HIT Anti-Roach Gel, is an innovative gel formulation that attracts and kills cockroaches. The action starts within a few hours of application and the entire nest of cockroach gets eliminated. The effect lasts up to 45 days with just one round of application.

How is it better than Pest Control services?

It is effective, safe*, easy to use, and comes at only Rs. 175.

HIT Anti-Roach Gel


Pest Control service

Long lasting

The high quality gel formula remains effective up to 45 days. The gel’s unique formula attracts the cockroach to consume it which eventually leads to the death of the cockroach. Other cockroaches coming in contact with this dead cockroach also die, resulting in the elimination of the cockroach nest.



Not long lasting

Effects start weaning out within a month.And you have to again call them for servicing your home.


This product is odourless and causes no discomfort. There is no need to leave the premise during or after the application. Very low amount of product is required to get desired cockroach control.



May not be very safe

Many Pest Control service providers uses ingredients containing unsafe solvents and may leave unpleasant odour. Further, the application dosage is in operator’s hands.

Super convenient

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply 20 dots of HIT Anti-Roach Gel in the kitchen where cockroaches usually hide, along cupboard door hinges, underside edges of shelves, cracks and crevices etc.After this you may relax as the entire colony of cockroach will be destroyed on its own.



Tedious and time consuming

Right from booking an appointment and getting a suitable time-slot to monitoring the crew during the application, it’s a lot of effort that goes in.

Amazing value for money

Absolutely cockroach free home at Rs. 175 only.


An expensive affair

Each pest control service costs Rs. 1500 and you need to keep repeating these services for a cockroach free home.