Types of Cockroaches in India

If you want to tell us that cockroaches are giving you sleepless nights, it will not be really difficult for anyone of us to relate to it. That is because cockroaches are so common in India that all of us have encountered them somewhere or the other. Everyone can remember citing a cockroach either in house, school, shops, neighborhood, trains, buses, ships, theatres, garages etc. So they can be almost anywhere. However, if you had noticed, not all of them look the same. There are different types of cockroaches and from almost 5000 species that exists, mostly 4 types of cockroaches populate India: 
1. American Cockroach – This reddish brown colored cockroach is the most common types that you will come across in India. On the back of their heads there is a distinct pattern resembling the number 8 in a yellowish color. Apart from being the biggest of the lot (4cm long and 7mm tall), they are known to be the fastest running insect, they can also fly and females can give birth to 150 offspring


american cockroach

  1. German Cockroach – Much attracted to sweet and floury products, this is the species that generally attacks your sugar can in the kitchen. The colour is darkish brown and can often seem to be almost black. German Cockroaches also have two parallel streaks running down the wings starting from their heads. They cannot fly and can often be found in places associated with food, like kitchens, restaurants, factories, hotels and even nursing homes


3. Oriental Cockroach – This is going to get dirty because this species, which feeds on garbage and organic materials, likes dirty and cooler places. They are generally found in decaying areas, sewers, etc. They can range from very dark brown to black in color and is almost 2.5cm in length. Often referred to as waterbugs, they are slower than other species



  1. Brown-Banded Cockroach – This species is smaller compared to the other common species and is about 10mm to 14mm. Their color is a tan to light brown. They get their name from the light bands running across their bodies. They also have wings which can sometimes obscure the light bands. As they need lesser moisture than the German Cockroach, the Brown Banded Cockroach is broadly distributed in the living room and bedroom areas of your house.


Eliminating cockroaches is an imperative for your health and hygiene, because all of the above cockroaches can cause disease.

There are many local pest control services available in the market which can help you fight the cockroach menace, but they may not be very effective, you would probably see the next cockroach in a day.

Pest control services have also been quite popular in helping people get rid of cockroaches from homes, restaurants, public places etc. However, they are very inconvenient, unsafe and very very expensive.

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