Killer Diseases Cockroaches Can Cause

Cockroaches can be found anywhere in your house, but most often they build their nests in your kitchen.

Statistics show that in all countries around the world almost 98%of households have cockroaches residing in them. The number in each household can vary from 30-30,000.

They are carriers of several bacteria and microbes which pose a serious threat to our health. Some of these diseases can even be fatal. The common diseases caused by cockroaches are:


Diarrhea: The condition refers to watery bowel movements that happens frequently over a short period of time. Cockroaches are believed to cause diarrhea. They carry microbes in their body which when comes in contact with food, contaminates it. The person who consumes the food is at risk of developing diarrhea. Though it is not fatal in most cases, sometimes it can take a serious turn.

Dysentery: This is an infection of intestines, accompanied with diarrhea. Apart from diarrhea, cockroaches are also known to cause dysentery. Again, this is also not fatal in most cases but there have been cases of serious dysentery problems associated with contamination of food due to the spread of cockroaches.

Cholera: It is a case of acute intestinal infection, credited to ingestion of contaminated food and water. This is one of the serious threats posed by cockroaches. Cholera is a major cause of mortality among human. Without proper medical attention, matters can get out of the hand. As it is most prevalent in places with proper hygiene, cleanliness and pest control could be one way of preventing this disease.


Leprosy: A contagious granulomatous disease marked by inflamed nodules under the skin. There was a time when leprosy was a dreaded disease. Owing to the advancement of medical science, this will not be as fatal. However, cockroaches are credited with the spread of this disease.

Plague: This is an infection of rodents which can cause mass murderer. Thousands of people can perish in the absence of proper and urgent care. The cockroaches take an active part in spreading the disease.

Typhoid fever: This is again an intestinal disorder characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the intestines. Though it was one of the feared diseases in old times but owing to the progress of medical science, it is not always fatal now. However, it is quite serious a condition. It can get really worrisome with cockroaches around as they could harbor bacteria which are antibiotic resistant. They have symbiotic relationships with several harmful bacteria. They are also responsible for allergic reactions, including dermatitis, itching, and swelling of the eyelids in human. They are also known to cause several serious respiratory conditions like asthma. In an outbreak in Los Angeles in 1950s, cockroaches were suspected to cause Hepatitis A.

Therefore, it becomes absolutely imperative that one gets rid of them at the earliest. But pest control service is not the only option, the best method is to use HIT Anti Roach Gel – a unique gel formulation which ensures there are no cockroaches in your home, it costs just Rs.150 .


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