5 Stunning Cockroach-Facts That Will Surprise You

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Cockroaches are something we come across every day. They are a nuisance, all over the dustbins, your kitchens and bathrooms, contaminating food and everything that falls in their path. They are a prime example of pests. But honestly how much do we know about them? There are certain facts about cockroaches that will surprise and make even the most ardent cockroach hater inquisitive about them.

  1. Cockroaches can live on things with almost no nutritional value. They get all their vitamins and amino acids from bacteria living inside their body. The bacteriodes residing in their fat cells that are passed on from mother to offspring and in turn manufactures vitamins and amino acids that the cockroach needs to survive. 
  1. In case you decapitate a cockroach they can still survive for a week or two. Etymologists have proven this by decapitating them and found out that they can still respond to external stimuli. Since they breathe through the little holes in their body segments and have open circulatory system, what might be killing them is starvation.
  1. If you thought the cockroaches you see in your kitchen are the biggest it can get, you are terribly mistaken. Cockroaches in the tropics are huge and you should be thankful that those giants don’t reside in your kitchen. One species has a wing span of 18cm. One of them weighs up to 35grams. Another giant species can grow 4 inches in size in its adult life.

4. Like dogs, cockroaches too have adaptive reflexes. In Pavlov’s experiment a dog was made to hear a bell and then given food. After some time, whenever the dog heard the bell he salivated. Similarly, some scientists made cockroaches smell vanilla essence and then gave them a sugary treat. With time the cockroaches started to drool whenever they smelled vanilla flavour.

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  1. Cockroaches have walked the earth from ancient history. They were here before the dinosaurs arrived. The modern cockroach we see today has been on earth for almost 200 million years now. Prehistoric variations of the same came into existence almost 350 million years ago.

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