How to Control Cockroach the Natural Way

Cockroaches are one of the most hated and hard to get rid of pests in the domestic world. Once they are in your house, they build the nest there and conquer your world. In the desperation you may decide to call for a professional pest control service but before you do that, below are some homemade DIY (Do-It-Yourself) remedies that you can try to eradicate the cockroaches.

Below are some natural and non-toxic ways to control cockroaches:

  • Soap water has been known to kill cockroaches. So you can try filling a sprayer with soap and water and spraying it at cockroaches whenever sighted. Well this is certainly not a full proof way to kill a cockroach and it will definitely not control them. It only works when you spot a roach.


  • Beer is also a cockroach repellent. In small tins, breads can be placed soaked in beer. But you wouldn’t want to waste beer on these dirty creatures would you?


  • Boric acid is also known to kill cockroaches. Boric acid could be administered in places where cockroaches hide. But cockroaches overtime have become smarter and learnt how to avoid the boric acid powder.

Boric acid

  • Bay leaves, cucumber slices or garlic also act as deterrents and could be left in affected areas.

bay leaves

The above solutions are interesting and are known to work at times, but nobody can assure that they are foolproof, also the solutions mentioned above will only work if the cockroaches come in contact with them.

So what is the way out? No not professional pest control service, but something better!!

Introducing HIT Anti Roach Gel, the innovative gel formulation that attracts and kills the cockroaches.

It attracts the cockroach towards it, so you don’t have to worry about applying the gel and wondering if cockroach in your house will come in contact with them. Because the cockroaches will surely get attracted to this gel.

They consume this gel and die and other cockroaches will then eat this dead cockroach and they will die too. Thus eliminating the entire nest of cockroach in 3 days.

For best results, apply 20 dots of this gel should be applied in the corners of kitchen. Repeat this process as and when require, it’s our guarantee that you will not see a single cockroach for at least 45 days after this applications.

It is extremely efficient, just like professional pest control services, and what more it is also safer than the professional pest control services. It is convenient, as you just have to apply 20 dots in your kitchen and best of all, it is available at only Rs.150!! You can buy it here.


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