8 Easiest Cockroach Control Ideas

Cockroaches can totally disrupt your life. Almost every household has had encounters with pests at some point. However getting rid of them does not necessarily have to be such an ordeal if you follow certain simple instructions.

  • One should not leave any uncovered food items which cockroaches can feast on. Keep them in closed containers. Use good quality jars, preferably of glass and stainless steel, with air tight containers.


  • One should not keep leftovers and disposable food in the open either. They may seem inedible to us, but for pests they are as good as a feast. And since pest aresmall in size, a few morsels are enough to help them survive for a long time. When you have to leave the dishes in the sink overnight, make sure you have put soap water on them.

wash basin

  • Even pet food should not be left in the open. Store them in airtight jars and when feeding your pets keep them in a covered apparatus.


  • If pests cannot enter your home, they cannot infest it. So try to stop them from entering. Pests use small cracks and holes to enter homes. Seal them and they will not have a way to enter. Take care that there are no cracks in your walls, doors and windows. Use cement and metal to obstruct and block these crevices. Pests like to stay in small, hard to reach places. Block any such places in your home. If they don’t have a place to hide they cannot infest your home. Moisture also attracts them. So tend to the leaks in your plumbing immediately. And leaks in your pipes should always be sealed off properly.

crack (2)

It is difficult to make sure you block all the cervices in your kitchen, as usually the cervices are made with purpose, eg: insert the gas pipes etc. Or eliminate all the hiding places for cockroaches in the kitchen, like under the gas cylinder, under the fridge etc.

So what is it that we can do?? Resort to professional pest control services?

No, that should be the last option.

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