How to Get Rid of Roaches Fast

Cockroaches are a common site in many households. Oh, what would we not do to get rid of these pests! However, we understand it is not that easy to put an end to the nuisance. Cockroaches are hard to kill. But they have their vulnerabilities too. And sometimes, their strength becomes their weakness. Let’s find out how to wage a war against cockroaches and win it without breaking a sweat.

  • Cockroaches are fast. They can move at a speed of about a foot per second and can turn in the radius of a coin. That being said, they can be slowed down too. Take a basic sprayer and fill it up with soap water and keep it handy. Next time you see them running around just spray some. That will slow them down and then killing them becomes pretty easy.

Soap water

  • Create a trap with a plastic bottle. Take a large (1.5-2litre) soft drink bottle and cut it from the neck. Then fill it up with a mixture of water and coffee brew to give it a lingering aroma. Then take the cut upper portion and invert it on the top. This will create a trap to catch cockroaches. They’ll enter from the top being lured by the aroma but won’t be able to exit easily. Place it in places where cockroaches frequent. However, this method is inadequate if the infestation is huge.


The best solution at any condition is definitely the Hit Anti Roach Gel.

Hit Anti Roach Gel – available at just Rs.150, does not contain any harmful industrial grade chemicals or agricultural insecticide hence it’s safe to use in your home, and it’s super convienent just put 20 dots of this gel in the corners of the kitchen which would not even take 2 minutes of your time and you don’t see any more cockroaches for 45 days.

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