Pest worries in Mumbai and how to stay worry-free


Hot, humid and occasionally murky. Not too many people are fans of the Mumbai weather. But the one group that seems to thrive in this weather is the pesky cockroaches. Most of our homes in Mumbai have played host to cockroaches at one point or the other. And our tiny city flats and apartments are prone to clutter. Which is the perfect breeding ground for these pests.

Cockroaches are fast on their feet, love to hole up in difficult-to-reach places and tend to multiply quickly. Which means that if not taken care of immediately, your cockroach problem can quickly get out of hand.

A few methods used to tackle pest issues are spraying solutions like boric acid and water around the house an in nooks and corners. Other natural solutions involve placing bay leaves, garlic, cucumber peels and beer around the house and in infestation areas. Most people also resort to pest control services when the problem gets serious. But the harsh chemicals used by these services are often detrimental to health, not only that they are way too expensive.

An effective and safe way of getting rid of pest in your home is by using the new revolutionary Hit Anti Roach Gel. It’s gel formula attracts cockroaches, poisons them, the poisoned cockroach infects its entire nest, thus eliminating the problem right from its roots. The tube is priced at just Rs.150 and easy to use, and the perfect solution to your cockroach woes in this city of Mumbai or anywhere else.


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